About Ashram

Many people come to Ananda Gaorii seeking an environment for spiritual growth and refreshment. The quiet atmosphere and natural surroundings are helpful for meditation and the daily routine includes morning and evening chanting and meditation as well as time for yoga asana practice. If visitors are seeking guidance in meditation, yoga, or spirituality in general, the resident Dadas and Didis (monks and nuns) offer classes and individual guidance.

The Ananda Marga system starts with group classes introducing basic yoga, meditation and health practices. Those who wish to go deeper can learn six mantra based meditation lessons which are taught individually. These are combined with individually prescribed hatha yoga postures and a yoga lifestyle that includes daily practice, yoga ethics (Yama and Niyama), service, vegetarianism,  and periodic short fasts. Classes are run on a donation basis and individual lessons are given free of charge. Guests who already have their own style of meditation are welcome to practice as they wish.

Regular retreats and seminars are also held with classes on spirituality and yoga lifestyle. These provide an opportunity to go more deeply into meditation, benefit from a powerful spiritual atmosphere and learn more about the practical aspects of yoga lifestyle and philosophy. Regarding lifestyle, at Ananda Gaorii we follow the yogic system of diet – a type of vegetarian diet based on foods which are good for both the body and the mind.  Visitors are also expected to refrain from smoking and use of drugs or alcohol while on the property.

Short and Long term visitors are welcome. Minimal costs for food and accommodation are requested. Alternatively it is possible to come as a volunteer with programs such as Helpex, Wwoofers, etc.


Practical Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy lesson playlist by Dada Acarya Sada’nanda in Russia