Do you sometime reflect on how many edible plants are just growing around us? Without us having to do anything. They look after themselves and are adopted to the place they live. Especially here at the countryside, the abundance is amazing. The only thing needed is some knowledge about what to pick (and of course also what NOT to pick), will and curiosity to go on wild food collection. Still, so many people gets their greens from a shop even this time of the year when food is growing all over. And without knowing better, many times edible plants are being removed considered to be weed. Weed, what is weed by the way? Just plants growing on places where we humans believe they should not be… And further, these plants are very useful, being the first stage of regeneration of bare soil. Some “weeds” are edible, some are both edible and pretty, still we spend efforts, money and some people even poison trying to erase this free and healthy food.. crazy human beings we are…

Last week, we had a very nice and informative visit by Charlotte Drud who took all of us volunteers on a tour around the house showing us what is edible, where it grows and what to watch out for. Just walking around we collected greens for a great yummie salad, which also looked pretty with dandelions and daisy flowers.


Charlotte put it so nicely, calling it “lazy farming” Lazy or not, it is so enjoyable with wild salads and discovery walks! And the more we learn the more we realise there is to learn and discover and enjoy.