The Global Prout Convention was held at Ananda Gaorii from July 17-23 2015. 240 participants attended from as far away as Mexico, India, Brazil, South Korea, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Australia, and from virtually every country of Western and Eastern Europe.

Powerful presentations included “The Short, Medium and Long Term Futures of Humanity” and “Prout Policy Solutions” by Sohail Inayatullah, “Neohumanism and Narrative Politics” by Ivana Milojevic, “Free Markets, Austerity and the Proutist Alternative” by Govinda, “How we can overcome the global crisis through the 3 stages of Neohumanism” by Dada Madhuvidyananda, “What Proutists Can Learn from Radical Social Movements” by Dada Maheshvarananda, “The Nordic Alliance” by Ramesh and Divyajyoti.Workshops included “The Art and Science of Social Change” by Liila Hass, “Contesting and Winning Elections” by the German Prout Party (Menschliche Welt), and “Competition in a Proutist Economy” by Divyajyoti. A “Cake Revolution” took place in the dining hall with groups of Proutists discussing social change while sharing cake from our bakery.

Community development work based on Prout was highlighted in India, South Africa, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Croatia, Taiwan, Venezuela, and New Zealand.

In keeping with Prout’s emphasis on cooperatives, all participants volunteered to join working co-ops that managed different operations of the convention including child care, meal preparation, cleaning, etc. The system helped to make everyone feel that they were directly contributing to the success of the program. Despite the pressure of numbers – 80 people more than were expected – the cooperatives were able to make everyone feel alright.