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A unique three day weekend program aimed at empowering you with the ancient yogic tools for a more conscious and mindfull life. Taking place in a beautiful farm/ashram located 80km north of Copenhagen, this 3 day Yoga lifestyle introduction will allow you to dwell into the fascinating, ever new and age old universe of Yogic thought.
More than learning simple body postures, you will be presented with a deep and holistic philosophy and practice that will allow you to engage every aspect of your beeing in a more penetrating and meaningful way.
Allow yourself to discover the radiant joy and love that sit inside your heart, and allow it to express itself in a meaningfull and effulgent life.

Contents of the program:

Why Yoga?
Introduction to Ashtaunga Yoga – The eight limbs of Yoga
Secrets to a peacefull life
Introduction to lifestyle related common deseases
Food for thought
Classes on vegan/satvic cooking
Begginers and intermediate classes on yoga and meditation
In tune with Nature

What to Bring

Personal hygiene items should be brought by each person. Also, personal sleeping bags or other sleeping materials can be brought if the person so wishes.

What to expect

A weekend in a beautifull spiritual center in the danish countryside, 7 kilometers from the sea. Delicious and nutricious vegetarian food will be provided, so you can enjoy our program with fullest energy.
In order to have a taste of the real yogic life, the routine will start at 5am.
The rooms will be shared. Individual accomodation can be provided upon request (aditional charge). These are limited, so please submit your application as soon as possible.

A maximum of 10 people will be accepted. This will guarantee that each and every of our participants will get the most out of this experience.

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2500 Dkk

To register please fill out this form:


The following payment options are available:

Mobile pay: +4571881273
Bank transfer to: Reg. No. 5018 Acc. No. 0001348611

Online pay

Confirmation of the registration will be given upon full payment.For more information please send an email to: