Dear Friends,

Support Ananda Gaorii’s Farm – Buy a box of fresh organic veggies once a week.

As you can see from recent posts we are starting to grow organic veggies for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project. (What is CSA:

We will offer participants a box of fresh veggies once a week. The veggies will be available for pick up at our Ananda Marga Yoga Center in Frederiksberg, at Ananda Gaorii Farm in Vig, at one of our bakeries in Copenhagen or at the home or business address of participants who would like to volunteer their places as a local pickup point.

By supporting this model of direct producer to consumer food growing you will get freshly grown local organic produce, minus the cost of middle marketers, ensuring good prices for both the consumers and producers. The veggies will be grown using the latest methods of small scale intensive horticulture done in a way that regenerates the soil and makes best use of available space. Our greenhouses/polytunnels will be heated in the cold months by drawing heat from large piles of woodchip compost (from our local forest) which generate a lot of heat in their cores as they break down. We hope that our sustainable model of food production will stimulate interest in the local community.

If you are a potential participant and would like to support this project by regularly ordering a box of veggies please fill out this online expression of interest form:

If you would like to donate or invest in the project you may also indicate this on the expression of interest form. For now we are using our own small resources to get the project started but more funds would be extremely helpful to cover the cost of seeds, tools and other materials.

Thank you for you kind support.