Ananda Gaorii Yoga Retreat and Organic Farm

Our vision at Ananda Gaorii is to provide experiences, training and information in the areas of yoga and meditation, community formation and leadership, personal development, health and healing, and sustainable and self-reliant living. We would also like to be a space where members of the wider community can come to enjoy music, entertainment and other social functions and meet to discuss means of cooperation for the well-being and progress of the local region.

Our main project is a seminar facility which combines indoor and outdoor accommodation and teaching space for up to 200 people (in the summer months).  Presently, we use it to hold courses and trainings covering yoga, meditation, personal development, healthy lifestyle, alternative economy, permaculture, and other topics related to personal and social change. We would like to steadily expand our programs and facilities with the aim of establishing a sustainable studies institute that conducts research and offers accredited certificates, diplomas and degrees. Further plans include:

  • Becoming steadily more self-sufficient in food and other products
  • Increasing income from various sources including events, training programs, youth activities, paying guests, and selling our various products such as bread, honey, farm produce, etc. 
  • More facilities for short and long term visitors who might come to attend a seminar, seek some hours, days or weeks of peace and quiet, or stay for longer periods to undergo various types of training and/or work on the farm and other projects.
  • Improving the educational aspect of the property so that it can demonstrate permaculture and other sustainable techniques 
  • Healing center
  • Pre, Primary and Secondary School Education
  • Various cottage industries such as the bakery (already established), bee-keeping (already established), miso production (already established), jams, preserves, medicinal herbs and other produces. 
  • Registering a commercial kitchen for the production of our food products. 
  • Creating a community cafe and farm shop where members of the local community can sell their products and gather for social activities
  • Expand our community outreach activities through organising youth activities, food sharing and other projects aimed at improving the resilience and self-reliance of the local community