April 13 – 16, Ananda Gaorii, Vig

You are warmly invited to attend the annual spring retreat during the Easter holiday in April. The retreat provides a valuable opportunity to go deep into meditation in a supportive and inspiring environment free from the distractions of everyday life. The program includes workshops on spirituality and personal development, relaxing and rejuvenating yoga sessions, and special sessions of intensive meditation and chanting. These are mixed with time in nature, a trip to the beach, evenings of music and stories and a chance to spend time with other spiritual people.

The retreat will be held at Ananda Gaorii Ashram, Farm and Learning Center – our 10 hectare retreat center and organic farm in Vig – an hour from Copenhagen in the Danish countryside.

For Who?
The retreat is open to everyone but you are kindly requested to observe the Ashram rules of no smoking, drinking or eating non-vegetarian food on the property. We also ask participants to come with the intention to participate fully in the program.

Three tasty vegetarian meals daily based on foods which are good for the body and calming for the mind (the yoga diet).

Accommodation/What to Bring:
Ananda Gaorii has separate heated dormitories for men and women. Guests are also welcome to camp in their own tents or borrow one of Ananda Gaorii’s tents. Participants should bring their own sheets and sleeping bags and warm clothes for outdoors. In addition please bring a small day pack, walking shoes and indoor slippers. If you have your own yoga mat you are encouraged to bring that as well.

Normal – 750 kr.
Students and Unemployed – 450 kr.
Teenagers 13 to 18 – 375 kr.
Children until 12 years of age – free

MobilePay: 71881273
PayPal: office@anandamarga.dk
Bank Transfer:
Jyske Bank
Reg. No. 5018. Konto No. 0001348611

After you have paid please fill out the registration form and let us know if you have any special dietary needs. Link to registration form: https://goo.gl/forms/MGoEl8ZHMUlkkZtN2

Getting There:
Please come by train to Vig. From Copenhagen change at Holbæk. When you get to Vig please give us a call on 71881273 or 22206991 and we will come and pick you up (or call us earlier if you know the exact time you will arrive). To come by car look up Holbaekvej 56, Vig on Google Maps.

Email: info@anandamarga.dk Tel: 71881273.

Program of Workshops:
(Note: other features of program are found below in “Daily Routine”)

Thursday, April 13

11.30 Arrival and Registration

14.00 Welcoming, Introductions, Games
15.00 Meditation Workshop for First Time Participants

20.00 Katha Kiirtan – Stories and Chanting

Friday, April 14

9.15 Secrets of Kiirtan: Sweet, simple and powerful, the practice of Kiirtan (a mixture of chanting and dance) prepares the mind for deep meditation and brings a healing touch to all within its radius
10.30 Finding Balance: It is no easy thing to stay in balance. This workshop offers a simple tool that can help you understand, monitor and improve your balance at every level – physical, mental and spiritual.

14.00 Sunny Day Option: Open yourself up to guidance from nature with a Native American Tree Ceremony.
14.00 Rainy Day Option: Heart Circle: A healing circle using kiirtan infused with love and compassion.
16.00 Akhanda Kiirtan: Six hours of non-stop circular chanting. You are free to participate as you wish – chant, meditate, take a break for some fresh air, dinner, etc.

Akhanda Kiirtan continues until 22.00

Saturday, April 15

9.15 Six Approaches to Oneness: How the six classical schools of yoga (Hatha, Tantra, Raja, Karma, Bhakti and Jinana) are integrated in Ananda Marga practice.

10.30 Yoga Ethics: How the Yamas and Niyamas – the ten ethical principles of yoga – can help us create the foundation for a happy and successful life.

14.00 Sunny Day Option: Beach Trip.
14.00 Rainy Day Option: Learn Choral Singing in Parts.

20.00 Cultural Program (Performances from Participants)

Sunday, April 16

9.00 Karma Yoga and Cleaning
10.00 Sadhana Shiviir – Intensive Meditation (Alternating 30 minutes Kiirtan and 30 minutes Meditation for 3 Hours)

13.00 Closing Circle
13.30 Lunch

14.30 Depart

Daily Routine

The schedule is agreeable for both advanced and beginning meditators. Those who are comfortable with early morning starts can attend the early morning meditations while those who need a bit more sleep can join the second morning meditation (still reasonably early)

4.30 Early Wakeup (Optional)
5.00 Paincajanya: Dawn chanting & meditation
5.30 Freetime, shower, personal practice
6.10 Asana Class (yoga)
6.50 Kiirtan (Chanting), Meditation, Spiritual Talk
8.15 Breakfast
9.15 1st Workshop
10.15 Break
10.30 2nd Workshop
11.30 Kiirtan and Meditation
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Break
14.00 Afternoon Activity
16.00 Asana Class
17.00 Kiirtan, Meditation, Dharma Shastra
18.30 Dinner
20.00 Evening Program
21.30 Avarta Kiirtan (6 Direction Chanting)
22.00 Sleep