Earth Activist Training (EAT)

Two weeks towards a new future

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What is this about?

This unique two-week program is about Individual and collective transformation. Using and exploring powerful healing techniques combined with meditation and yoga to work on the mind, body and spirit we will combine this with a practical training in Permaculture, construction and earthworks and growth activism. This adventure will be an experience of exploring, investigating, understanding and making paradigm shifts at the edges of the current system we are living in. Enabling and preparing a better, new, sustainable future for all beings.

What might interest you to come?

You might want to join us for one or both weeks if you are interested in or want to learn or experience any or all of the following:


  • inner transformation,
  • permaculture,
  • teamwork,
  • facilitation,
  • meditation,
  • yoga,
  • growing food,
  • construction skills,
  • communication skills,
  • vegan cooking,
  • having serious fun and celebrating life


This will be an alcohol, smoking and drug-free event with vegan food, allergies accommodated for. (gluten free etc). We will also be as off-grid as possible!

What you will get by attending

Here is a very short list of what you will get by attending the full two-week programme, there will be much, much more as well


  • Tools
    • To help you utilise your intuitive understanding
    • To help you envision a new future, a new way of BEING here
    • To manifest structures
  • A much deeper understanding of what makes you ‘tick’ and how to deal with the bits that limit and block you
  • Daily practices that you can use in the rest of your life to deepen into truly remembering who you are and why you are here, and, being able to express true heartfelt gratitude for all that life brings you.
  • A new community of like-minded souls and the opportunity to keep that connection going long after the two-week training is over
  • Skills to begin manifesting a new paradigm. To help you to organise others to manifest change.
  • The first steps towards a sustainable, equitable, respectful and mindful way of being on Earth.


First week:

Going deeper, focusing on inner transformation, discovery and awakening. Following a daily regime of meditation, yoga and breathwork in order to explore the edges of our own personal and collective limitations to expanding our awareness beyond the edges of our limiting beliefs and narratives, thoughts and judgements. Practical work will be focused on the basics required for any transitional shift including (but not limited to….);


  • Earth construction
  • Material sources
  • Re-use, re-purpose, re-cycle
  • Tools
  • Composting basics
  • Food growing: learn how to grow fast growing high nutritional microgreens, sprouts and power foods for juicing and salads.

Second week

Manifesting our dreams: How do we go about manifesting our dreams and visions: Submerge yourself into the process of Dragon Dreaming, Permaculture design, Sociocracy and other powerful tools to build confidence, align with our life purpose and become your own life coach and master of your destiny.


This week will also integrate meditation, yoga, mantra singing and have training in sustainability and self-sufficiency.  Practical work will be focused on using the basics learnt in week one to start the manifesting of any transitional shift including (but not limited to….);


  • Food growing: learn how to grow fast growing high nutritional microgreens, sprouts and power foods for juicing and salads.
  • Compost toilet construction
  • Solar shower construction
  • Sauna construction
  • Rainwater collection and watering system.


Participation: You can participate in either the first or second week if your time is limited or both weeks for the full immersion. All options offer a fully transformative experience!


Exploring: this event works by gift economy, monetary or other donations. All are welcome.
We will also do dumpster diving for food and have organic bread from our bakery to reduce cost as well as growing our own salad, sprouts and superfood for juicing. We will explore alternative futures such as the gift and resource economy and how to start implementing them.



We will use two beautiful locations in west Sjælland, Denmark. The first week we will be on the shores of the beautiful lake Tissø, close to Kalundborg, whilst the second week will be held in the Ananda Gaorii ashram eco-village near the sea.

Week 1 location: Søvang 28, 4490 Jerslev Sjælland. Nearest railway station: Svebølle station.

Week 2 location: Holbækvej 56A, 4560 Vig. Nearest railway station: Vig station





We will be under canvas, so, you will need to bring a sleeping bag and mat along with a tent. We can help if you do not have these items so please let us know as soon as possible if you need any of these items.



It is important to let us know how you will be coming to the event. Will you come in your own vehicle and if so do you have room to bring one or more others.


If you are coming by public transport, we will arrange for you to get from the nearest train station to the location.



Please answer the questions in this very short questionnaire. It will help us greatly to ensure a really great experience for you during the training, thanks.


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