Yoga, meditation, social change, workshops, beach walks, conversations, delicious vegan/ vegetarian food, on-site bakery, sisters energy and support, organic farm, music, and more!

Like last year, we will have three senior Didis with us to share their study and insights on a variety of topics. These are Didi Ananda Uttama (Qahira sector), Didi Ananda Rama (Qahira sector) and Didi Ananda Sadhana, coming from GT sector.

Other workshop presenters include Lian Henriksen, who is very experienced in leading groups of women, sister Gaorii, who has been very active in the Prout movement in Germany, Renu, a Prout sister from Botucatu in Brazil, Karen Houkjær-Jørgensen, a teacher of Music and French, who will help us reach new highs in singing, and Ann-Christine Gyllenberg a certified leader in Spiritual Circle dances, who will make us dance with joy!

Below is the list of workshops:

• Didi Ananda Uttama on: “Mothers, Infants and the evolution of Love”
• Didi Ananda Rama on: “Krsna, the first love story”
• Didi Ananda Sadhana on: “Baba´s thoughts on the Awakening of Women”
• Lian on: “How to make good choices in life”
• Gaorii on: “The Menstrual Cycle Part II”
• Renu on: “Women and Prout”
• Karen on: “Singing together”
• Ann-Christine will lead us in Spiritual Circle Dances from different parts of the world.

Of course, we will go to the fantastic beach nearby, and yes, we will also have a bonfire with magical sharing of stories, songs, poetry…anything from your heart! If there is time left over, we will organize a sport event. Kaoshiki dancing for 21 minutes every day was a big hit last year and will continue this year.

In our retreats, the strong emphasis on the meditation and asanas practices with lots of kiirtan is the key to reaching deeper insights on the mental and spiritual levels as well as experiencing moving together in a loving atmosphere. This is a golden opportunity. Don’t miss it, life does not wait. Seize the moment and join us. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Price: 80 EUR / 600 DKKR

Please sign up as soon as you can, we need to know how many are coming! 

Registration form:

Prout sisters retreat committee:

Lalita – Denmark, Krsnapriya – Italy, Liila – Australia, Rainjita – Norway, Mainjuri – Brazil, Didi Ananda Rama – Egypt


Ananda Gaorii Ashram, Farm and Learning Center Holbækvej 56
4560 Vig, Denmark

For those coming by public transport:
Buy a ticket to Vig and take a regional train to Holbæk. Change there to the local train to Vig or the bus 560 (the Vig ticket is valid on both the bus and the train).

Once you are in Vig, call:
o Sumati on (+45) 31390330,
o Manisha on (+45) 29760527, or 
o Turiiya on (+45) 22206992
Please also call Lalita, our transport-in-charge, if there are any issues at all, or if you need transport advice. Her number is: +45 2081 3289
The number at the farm is 22206992.