Just after the blissful PROUT convention you can stay for an extra day of immersion in the world of colour frequencies and sacred shapes and experience what can your current choices reveal about your soul’s needs and aspirations.

What is it in us, humans, that responds to a colour and makes us deeply moved by a golden sunset, or fully focused at the traffic light? Why do we prefer some colours and totally dislike some others?

From the wisdom of yoga and tantra we know that colours are profoundly related to our subtile anatomy, our chakras, our states of mind and our emotions.
If soul is the pure light in which everything lies as a potential, then colours are it’s manifestations in the world. I see it as an eternal dance of the cognitive and the operative principles also named as Shiva and Shakti. They are inseparable, like 2 sides of one sheet of paper.

Our soul “speaks” to us through colour. We have to cultivate our ability to listen.

This workshop is designed for exactly such purpose. We will use creative and intuitive tools for our playful journey. Aura-Soma colour combinatios will guide us into the language of the soul. The experience of this encounter with the Self will then be transfered into a form of mandala, a symmetrical and focused picture to be taken home.

Investment: 750 Danish Krone per person (all materials included as well as one more day of stay on the farm)

How to Pay:

• By Mobile Pay: +45 71881273 (Colin Whitelaw)
• By Paypal to: office@anandamarga.dk
• By Bank Transfer: Account name: Ananda Marga DK Kurser/Courses.
• Bank: Jyske Bank; Account No.: 5018-0001348611;
• Swift/Bic: JYBADKKK, IBAN: DK2350180001348611
• NB! Please include the words “Soul Speaks Through Colour” in the message line.

What to bring: comfortable cloths

This workshop will be held at Ananda Gaorii Ashram near Copenhagen, Denmark.

Places are limited to ensure enough intimacy neded for the soul work. Ideally 6-8 adults per workshop. It is also possible to book me for a personal consultation.

More about my work you can find on www.tatjanaturquoise.com

Hope that many of you will find time for this unique and amazing process. SEE YOU SOON IN THE WORLD OF SOUL COLOURS!!!