Ananda Gaorii is a registered bio-dynamic and organic farm on 13 hectares. The land was rented to local farmers for many years but last autumn we decided to take over. We are currently in the first steps of designing and implementing a permaculture design for the property, which includes space for polytunnels, orchard with nuts, fruits and berries and different knds of gardens – medicinal, recreative, market and kitchen one. Moreover, part of the space will be used for our summer activities: various courses, Prout Convention, youth exchanges, retreats. Further, we will also have space for other crops, as cereals, hemp and quinoa. 
Specially in a globalized world where we are all dependant on fossil fuel energy and most products in the supermarket come from far, all these elements will make us less dependant on food coming from other sources. Moreover, we will be able to provide with food and medicine to the local community.
We should not forget our honey bees. Thanks to two ESC volunteers, we got a few beehives in 2019 and now our fields are pollinated by the bees in exchange of honey. This keeps us also connected to the local beekeepers and Danish tradition of bee-keeping.   
We are doing our best to be more sustainable. That´s the reason why we are planning to build outdoor factilites, such as compost toilets, showers and kitchen for the camping area. This will reduce the volume of water used and, as consequence, will reduce the pollution in our local environment. Further, we are looking into funding for sustainable energy to install a mixed system, including solar panels and wind turbine.