Ananda Gaorii is very happy to offer you the freshest gifts from our garden. Seasonal. Organic. Local. Our vegetables are grown with the support of volunteers who come from all parts of the world to learn about sustainability and spirituality.

By choosing our products you support “Communities for Future“, people who are doing their best to live in harmony with nature. You also invest in your own health and the health of your loved ones by putting on the table healthy and delicious food grown with care, full of vitamins and nutrition. This food doesn’t contain all those chemicals you want to avoid. After ordering your first vegetable box, you will feel the difference between the food you get from a supermarket and the one we grow in Ananda Gaorii.


Some of the vegetables you may find in the box: squash, pumpkin, fennel, swiss chard, herbs, salat mix, edible flowers, potatoes, cabbages.
Products will vary from week to week according to availability in our garden and season. 

We have three types of boxes:
– Basic (150kr). Typically for 1-2 people
– Standard (200kr). Typically for 2-4 people
– Family (300kr). Typically for 4-6 people

Sign up monthly, receive our regular boxes and get a discount.
The monthly price for 4 boxes:
– Basic (569kr)  
– Standard (695kr)
– Family (1095kr)

🌸 Specialties of Ananda Gaorii
You can also purchase extra products on top. These products are carefully handcrafted by us.
– Honey 250gr (30kr)
– Postcard by our local artist Vlada (40-50kr)

– Mondays to HOLBÆK
– Thursdays to ROSKILDE and COPENHAGEN (except week 32, on Wednesday 5)

Deliveries cost 75kr, except for Copenhagen where you could pick up your box from Platanvej 30, between 17 and 19h without extra cost.

SIGN UP HERE to make your order and get more information. Expect a quick response from us.

🌸 Following the European Commission trends “From Farm to Fork” strategy, we can’t wait to supply you with fresh and tasty vegetables every week.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone: +45 52785933 (Ruben).