At Ananda Gaorii our primary mission is to offer an experiential learning experience to those who come and stay with us. We have a mix of short and long term volunteers including young travelers who find us on volunteer websites, long term volunteers sponsored by the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and local Danes who find out about us by word of mouth or through our website. During their stay volunteers get the opportunity to develop themselves through yoga and meditation, experience living in community and learn a broad range of practical skills including cooking, gardening, baking, building, group facilitation,  project management, volunteer management, starting a business, teaching yoga, and many others. We encourage volunteers to start projects which can help create income (such as making miso and growing salad greens) and/or provide a service to the community (working with refugees) and we we would like to set up a cooperative for those who wish to base themselves at Ananda Gaorii and produce a product or provide a service which generates income for themselves and for Ananda Gaorii.

At Ananda Gaorii we also host retreats and seminars on yoga and meditation, yoga teacher training, Prout (an alternative economic model), organic gardening, permaculture, sustainable community design and various subjects which help us build better lives individually and collectively. We have accommodation for 60 persons and we wish to gradually expand our facilities to the level where we can offer longer and more in depth programs aimed at providing students with the vision, knowledge and skills that will help them become active  players in creating healthy, self-reliant local communities wherever they are.

Our education work is inspired by Prout and Neo-Humanism. Prout (An Acronym for Progressive Utilization Theory) is an alternative socio-economic model based on cooperatives, ethical distribution of wealth, self-reliant regional economies and a worldview (Neo-Humanism) that human beings, animals, plants and nature itself are part of one universal family. All should have the right to live and prosper and none should have scope to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Click on these links to find out more about Prout and Neo-Humanism.