Dada Rudranath

Construction and General Maintenance

Dada Rudranath has been lovingly engaged in the construction and maintenance of Ananda Gaorii since the earliest days. He is a hospitable host, a good musician, an all round fix it and build it person and a humble devotee. Dada also maintains the orchard and daily bakery deliveries. Dada is originally from Germany.

Dada Ambareshvarananda

Staff Supervisor and General Director

Dada Ambareshvarananda has been a monk of Ananda Marga since the age of 22. He was born to into a family of meditators in Bihar India and has worked as a Dada in India, South America, East Asia and Europe. He is fluent in Portuguese and Chinese as well as English and Hindi. Dada runs regular meditation courses as well as looking after our bakery project and the overall supervision of Ananda Marga activities in Denmark. Dada is a people person, making guests welcome with friendly care and good cooking.

Dada Krsnasevananda

Program Director

Dada Krsnasevananda is a senior teacher of Ananda Marga. Born in Canada he spent much of his childhood in Japan and majored in East Asian Studies at the Australian National University. He has been a monk and teacher in Ananda Marga for more than 30 years, working in India, Australia, East and Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe and the Middle East. As a teacher of yoga and meditation Dada makes use of his knowledge and experience of both East and West.