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Short inspirational passages from Shrii Shrii Ananda murti

The Supreme Consciousness – The Bigger “I” of Everyone

You know, there is nothing disorderly in this Universe. Everything moves according to certain rules. In this solar system of ours, the sun is the nucleus, and so many planets are moving around the sun. In this ethereal system, the earth is the nucleus, and the moon is moving around it. Similarly, in the atomic […]

Behind the curtain of “I”

The Supreme Consciousness has concealed Himself within your mind. He is hidden behind the curtain of your “I-ness”. You need not go to the Himalayan mountains to find out the thing that is concealed in your own “I”. Does one need a mirror to see the bangle on one’s hand? The Supreme, therefore, is within […]

Your Subterranean River

The Supreme Consciousness is there in you as the oil is in the oilseed. Crush the seed through spiritual practice (sádhaná) and you attain Him; separate the mind from Consciousness and you will see that the resplendence of the Supreme Consciousness illuminates your whole inner being. He is there like butter in curd; churn it […]

One Moon

There is one moon, but its reflections, falling in countless puddles of water, appear as countless moons. No new moon is born. The same moon is being reflected in many receptacles. Similarly, the one and the same Supreme Consciousness is being manifested as limitless individual entities, in countless mental receptacles, in countless minds. Shrii Shrii […]