Ananda gaorii

Our vision at Ananda Gaorii is to provide experiences, training and information in the areas of yoga and meditation, community formation and leadership, personal development, health and healing, and sustainable and self-reliant living. We would also like to be a space where members of the wider community can come to enjoy music, entertainment and other social functions and meet to discuss means of cooperation for the well-being and progress of the local region. 

Our project began in 1987 as what is known in Ananda Marga as a “Master Unit”. A master unit is a community focused rural development project that ideally contains an ashram, a school, a children’s home, a farm, a medical center, a variety of cottage industries and various other projects aimed at benefitting the local community such as seed banks, animal refuges, research centers, etc. Ananda Marga has many such projects around the world mostly in third world countries where they provide relief and educational and medical facilities for needy communities and help them with training and new ideas (you are welcome to visit www.amurt.net for more information about such projects).

Being situated in a developed country such as Denmark, however, we found ourselves surrounded by a community who were mostly better off than we were, at least materially. Limited by lack of money and skilled volunteers, our project developed very slowly for many years as we gradually transformed the old farm buildings into meditation halls, dormitories, kitchen and dining facilities. During these years Ananda Gaorii functioned mostly as an opportunity for hardship training and karma burning for a very small number of volunteers and a venue for small retreats for our local members.

Importantly, during this time we were able to set up an organic bakery which produces gluten-free products. Called Natur Bageriet (now Landbageriet), this bakery distributes gluten-free products around Copenhagen as well as to our own shops in Copenhagen and Rørvig.  The income from the bakery is presently our main means of financial support and we are using it to steadily upgrade our facilities. We also have a small orchard where we grow fruit for ourselves and the bakery.  

A self-reliant community based on spiritual practice and universal love interacting harmoniously with nature and the world, giving and receiving service, knowledge and inspiration.

To be a hub for learning and change integrating spirituality, sustainability, self-reliance, holistic health, community living and social justice for the benefit of our residents, guests and the world at large.

We are a mix of about 20 part and full time residents living on a ten hectare organic farm and retreat center located in Vig, near Holbæk, an hour west of Copenhagen. Ananda Gaorii is a project of Ananda Marga, a spiritual and social organisation promoting self-realisation through the practice of yoga, meditation and social service.

In 2010 the speed of development began to accelerate when we hosted an international convention on the subject of Prout. Prout is an alternative economic theory based on spiritual values which emphasises cooperatives, decentralised economy and economic democracy. 230 people attended the week long event which, combined with the growing sense of crisis in the world around us,  created a strong stimulus for us to expand our activities beyond holding occasional retreats.

In 2012, we faced up to the fact that we knew very little about permaculture, farming, alternative energy or pretty much anything except yoga, Prout, education and baking. We decided to remedy this situation and attract knowledge and people by hosting workshops on permaculture, forest gardening, intentional community design and so on.  We would combine these workshops with a daily routine of yoga and meditation and locate them in the wider context and worldview of Prout.  The idea worked well and our visiting trainers and participants helped us create a permaculture design for the community and start work on making our own forest garden.

As soon as our new sense of direction began to take shape it began attracting others as well. Participants in the workshops enjoyed returning and helping with the gardening and renovation work and many were attracted to the mix of healthy environment, spiritual routine and a sense of being able to participate in creating something new and exciting. Now we have a growing pool of talented young friends who are helping us become energy self-sufficient and set up research and teaching projects.

Meet the dadas

Dada Ambareshvananda

Staff Supervisor and General Director

Dada Ambareshvarananda has been a monk of Ananda Marga since the age of 22. He was born to into a family of meditators in Bihar India and has worked as a Dada in India, South America, East Asia and Europe. He is fluent in Portuguese and Chinese as well as English and Hindi. Dada runs regular meditation courses as well as looking after our bakery project and the overall supervision of Ananda Marga activities in Denmark. Dada is a people person, making guests welcome with friendly care and good cooking.

Dada Krsnasevananda

Program Director

Dada Krsnasevananda is a senior teacher of Ananda Marga. Born in Canada he spent much of his childhood in Japan and majored in East Asian Studies at the Australian National University. He has been a monk and teacher in Ananda Marga for more than 30 years, working in India, Australia, East and Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe and the Middle East. As a teacher of yoga and meditation Dada makes use of his knowledge and experience of both East and West.

Dada Rucitananda

Construction and General Maintenance

Dada Ruchitachanda has been lovingly engaged in the construction and maintenance of Ananda Gaorii since the earliest days. He is a hospitable host, a good musician, an all round fix it and build it person and a humble devotee. Dada also maintains the orchard and daily bakery deliveries. Dada is originally from Germany.



Learning Centre


Many people come to Ananda Gaorii seeking an environment for spiritual growth and refreshment. The quiet atmosphere and natural surroundings are helpful for meditation and the daily routine includes morning and evening chanting and meditation as well as time for yoga asana practice. If visitors are seeking guidance in meditation, yoga, or spirituality in general, the resident Dadas and Didis (monks and nuns) offer classes and individual guidance.

The Ananda Marga system starts with group classes introducing basic yoga, meditation and health practices. Those who wish to go deeper can learn six mantra based meditation lessons which are taught individually. These are combined with individually prescribed hatha yoga postures and a yoga lifestyle that includes daily practice, yoga ethics (Yama and Niyama), service, vegetarianism, and periodic short fasts. Classes are run on a donation basis and individual lessons are given free of charge. Guests who already have their own style of meditation are welcome to practice as they wish.

Regular retreats and seminars are also held with classes on spirituality and yoga lifestyle. These provide an opportunity to go more deeply into meditation, benefit from a powerful spiritual atmosphere and learn more about the practical aspects of yoga lifestyle and philosophy. 


Regarding lifestyle, at Ananda Gaorii we follow the yogic system of diet – a type of vegetarian diet based on foods which are good for both the body and the mind. Visitors are also expected to refrain from smoking and use of drugs or alcohol while on the property.




Part of the space is used for our summer activities:
various courses, Prout Convention, youth exchanges, retreats. 

We are doing our best to be more sustainable. That’s the reason why we are planning to build outdoor factilities, such as compost toilets, showers and kitchen for the camping area. This will reduce the volume of water used and, as consequence, will reduce the pollution in our local environment. Further, we are looking into funding for sustainable energy to install a mixed system, including solar panels and wind turbine.

Ananda Gaorii is a registered bio-dynamic and organic farm with 13 hectares. The land was rented to local farmers for many years but last autumn we decided to take over. We are currently in the first steps of designing and implementing a permaculture design for the property, which includes space for polytunnels, orchard with nuts, fruits and berries and different kinds of gardens – medicinal, herbal, market and kitchen one. Further, we will also have space for other crops, as cereals, hemp and quinoa.

Specially in a globalized world where we are all dependant on fossil fuel energy and most products in the supermarket come from far, all these elements will make us less dependant on food coming from other sources. Moreover, we will be able to provide with food and medicine to the local community.

Learning centre

At Ananda Gaorii our primary mission is to offer an experiential learning experience to those who come and stay with us. We have a mix of short and long term volunteers including young travelers who find us on volunteer websites, long term volunteers who often become team leaders and local Danes who find out about us by word of mouth or through our website. During their stay volunteers get the opportunity to develop themselves through yoga and meditation, experience living in community and learn a broad range of practical skills including cooking, gardening, baking, building, group facilitation, project management, volunteer management, starting a business, teaching yoga, and many others. We encourage volunteers to start projects which can help create income (such as making miso and growing salad greens) and/or provide a service to the community (working with refugees) and we we would like to set up a cooperative for those who wish to base themselves at Ananda Gaorii and produce a product or provide a service which generates income for themselves and for Ananda Gaorii.

At Ananda Gaorii we also host retreats and seminars on yoga and meditation, yoga teacher training, Prout (an alternative economic model), organic gardening, permaculture, sustainable community design and various subjects which help us build better lives individually and collectively.


We have accommodation for 60 persons and we wish to gradually expand our facilities to the level where we can offer longer and more in depth programs aimed at providing students with the vision, knowledge and skills that will help them become active  players in creating healthy, self-reliant local communities wherever they are.