Autumn news from Ananda Gaorii

Wow, what a busy summer it was! Now we finally have some time to look back at all that has happened in Ananda Gaorii during these last months. Just before the Autumn Equinox Nature invites us to stop and see which seeds have sprouted, which haven’t and why.

In February and April 2021 we received two groups of ESC volunteers. They arrived at Ananda Gaorii being open and willing to explore all that the place can offer… Young people from different European countries gathered together to learn and grow in the environment of Ananda Gaorii. They came to spend 10 months in the community that would soon become their home.

And then the garden season started. It was the middle of spring when new volunteers were invited to experience the garden and gain some practical skills. One of the main project’s goals is to become self-sustainable enough to provide for the whole community. Jasmine, Mainju, Dan and Sara have joined the garden forces. Under the supervision of Arjuna, who has been an ESC volunteer in the past; they were sowing seeds, preparing the soil, establishing the water system, weeding and trimming the plants. Volunteers had a chance to learn about permaculture and get hands-on experience so that later they will be able to start their own sustainable garden wherever they are. 

The results of their work are seen now. Every day the garden brings kilos of different vegetables, fruits, herbs and greens to the table. Each time we are having a meal we feel grateful to the garden team and proud of their hard work. And the taste of these veggies? Mmmm no supermarket can compare!

Other ESC volunteers have joined the kitchen team of Ananda Gaorii. They took the task to improve the kitchen management. Agostino, Usoa and Thea are learning about nutrition and food preservation, dietary needs and food combinations. They did a good job to make Ananda Gaorii kitchen an organized space from where the community receives healthy and nutritious meals.

Now it’s September and vacation time. Volunteers are traveling and visiting their homes after months of active learning and hard work. Just perfect enough to integrate all the experiences and take some deep breaths of crispy autumn air. We are looking forward to this season of a slower pace and deep reflection to check in with our vision and goals.

We are wishing you beautiful restful autumn full of colourful sunny days.

The photo by Ago L. Dimasi @alok_ae