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Would you like to learn meditation with an experienced monk? 
In Ananda Gaorii we have our daily routine which includes morning yoga with chanting and meditation twice a day.
You are very welcome to join us for our morning or/and evening practices. 
If you come for the first time you will be introduced to these practices by one of the resident monks of Ananda Gaorii and receive an individual lesson if you’d like. 


Chanting (KIIRTAN)

Kiirtan is the chanting of a mantra aloud and it combines the power of mantra and mudra-based dance. Mantra awakens and expands our consciousness and inculcates the feeling of bliss and prepares the mind for meditation, while mudra opens the heart, calms the mind and brings a feeling of lightness and joy. Adding music and melody helps keep the mind and body in sync, puts a smile on the face and greatly helps with concentration. 

It can be done anywhere, any time, but the best time is just before meditation.

The mantra used for kiirtan is:

Bábá Nám Kevalam

(Love is All there IS)

Check our Kiirtans in Ananda Gaorii’s Youtube Channel





The meditation we practice is based on the principle, “As you think so you become”. We learn how to step away from our small self, our everyday world, and anything which limits us. We then focus on our great self, universal love, and the underlying consciousness that “holds the space” for all that exists. With regular practice, our sense of identity gradually begins to shift from limited to limitless, from agitated to calm and from separate to whole.

Our senior monk will introduce to you kiirtan, lalita marmika and meditation.






Laliita Marmika dance

Lalita Ma’rmika Dance of 7000 years

Parvati, wife of Shiva, invented Lalita Marmika which means: ‘voice of the inner spirit’. The dance used for kiirtan is Laita Marmika. It represents the inner voice of the spiritual aspirant. The main thing in this dance is the expression through ‘mudra’ (gesture). It represents that now we are enjoying bliss, we are in a happy mood.





The name Kaoshikii comes from the Sanskrit word kosa, meaning “layer of mind”. Kaoshikii develops the subtler layers of mind, cultivating the feeling of mysticism – the endeavour to establish a link between the finite and the infinite – in one’s consciousness. It instills self-confidence and encourages self-expression. It is a total body exercise, and a medicine in itself. It prolongs the lifespan, keeping the body youthful, strengthens the leg joints, increases flexibility and endurance, prevents and cures disease (including many types of liver diseases) and eases the pain of menstruation and childbirth, enabling easy delivery. Although kaoshikii is for both women and men, it is particularly beneficial for women.

Benefits of Kaoshikii

1. It exercises all the glands and limbs from head to foot.
2. It increases longevity.
3. It makes for easy delivery.
4. The spine will become flexible.
5. Arthritis of the spine, neck, waist and other joints will be removed.
6. Gout in the spine, neck, hands and waist will be lost.
7. The mind becomes strong and sharp.
8. Irregularities in menstruation will be cured.
9. Glandular secretions will become regulated.
10. Troubles in the bladder and urethra will be cured.
11. It gives control over the limbs.
12. It adds charm and shine to the face and skin.
13. It removes wrinkles.
14. It removes lethargy.
15. It cures insomnia.
16. It cures hysteria.
17. Fear complexes will be removed.
18. Hopelessness will be lost.
19. It helps in self-expression and develops one’s potentiality.
20. Spinal pain, piles, hernia, hydrocele in men, nervous pain, nervous disability will be cured.
21. It cures kidney and gall bladder troubles, gastric trouble, dyspepsia, acidity, dysentery, syphilis, gonorrhoea, obesity, thinness and liver diseases.
22. It increases the capacity to work until 75-80 years of age.

Tandava was introduced by the great yogi, Shiva. Tandava comes from the word tandu which means “to jump”. It is a vigorous dance for men with physico-psychospiritual benefits. Women should not do it because it is not physically suited for them and stimulates male hormones, e.g. related to growth of facial hair. Tandava combines the subtle aspects of spirituality and vitality. Courage, fearlessness and will-power are its benefits. Tandava also exercises the brain physically and improves memory. The dancer holds a knife or torch in the right hand, symbolizing the forces of life and goodness, and a skull or snake in the left hand, symbolizing the forces of death and darkness. The exercise symbolizes the fight between the two forces of life and death.

Tandava gives a feeling of beautiful clarity and inner peace. By transmuting negative vibration, it helps to overcome the worst internal enemies – fear and death. Tandava strengthens the anahata cakra (fourth chakra/psychic centre of the human body and mind) and energizes all the body systems, giving health and longevity. Collective tandava is very exciting!





If you are not able to join us personally in Ananda Gaorii but still interested in attending an online free meditation course you can visit this link and start the course any time. 

All the information above will be explained more detailed wit access to 10 video lessons, home-tasks, articles, tests.




Dada Sadananda – yoga and meditation teacher with 22 years of personal practice.

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