Would you like to participate in Erasmus + projects?

What are Erasmus + projects?

Learning mobility projects are a key component of the Erasmus+ programme, enabling individuals to gain valuable experience and skills by participating in educational activities abroad. These projects are designed to foster intercultural understanding, personal and professional development, and the exchange of best practices in education, training, and youth work.

What are the benefits of participating in learning mobility projects?

There are many benefits to participating in learning mobility projects, including:

  • Enhanced language skills: You will have the opportunity to improve your language skills in a practical setting.
  • Cultural awareness: You will gain a better understanding of different cultures and ways of life.
  • Personal development: You will develop new skills and confidence in your own abilities.
  • Career advancement: You will enhance your employability by gaining international experience.

What are the costs of participating in learning mobility projects?

The Erasmus+ Programme provides financial support to participants in learning mobility projects. This support can cover travel expenses, accommodation, meals, and study materials.

Our organisation:

Ananda Marga Danmark is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people achieve personal growth through the practice of yoga, meditation and a healthy lifestyle which includes a strong emphasis on social service, sustainability and building community.

We have two main projects:

1) A center in Copenhagen where we offer yoga and meditation classes, cultural and educational activities and personal guidance;

2) An ashram, farm and learning center known as “Ananda Gaorii”, 80 kilometeres out of Copenhagen where we have a self-reliant community and experiential learning center focusing on spirituality, sustainability and a sense of universal family.
Along with providing an environment for spiritual growth, one of the goals of Ananda Gaorii is to help create greater resilience in the region by promoting sustainability, local economy, cooperation and community in cooperation with other NGOs, communities and organizations. Through hosting and participating in educational seminars and events in cooperation with members of other organizations Ananda Marga Denmark has been building a network of partner organizations in the sustainable development field, both within Denmark and on the European level.

At Ananda Gaorii, we are passionate about fostering cross-cultural understanding and personal growth through our involvement in Erasmus+ projects. Our organization plays a dual role in these initiatives, hosting projects at our Ananda Gaorii venue and partnering with organizations across Europe to send participants abroad.

Hosting Erasmus+ Projects at Ananda Gaorii

Located in the serene Danish countryside, Ananda Gaorii provides an ideal setting for immersive learning experiences. Our home, a 13-hectare organic farm and seminar facility, offers a tranquil atmosphere conducive to personal reflection, community engagement, and skill development. We welcome participants from various backgrounds and disciplines to engage in a variety of activities.

Partnerships with European Organizations

We actively collaborate with organizations across Europe to expand our reach and offer participants a broader range of learning opportunities. Through these partnerships, we send participants on international placements, allowing them to experience diverse cultures and gain valuable international exposure.

I am interested in participating in an Erasmus+ project. What can I do next?

Next Projects

If you have Danish Residency and are interested in participating in an Erasmus + project, check the available projects bellow:

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