Beyond Boundaries: A Meditation Retreat on Infinite Identity

Join us for a transformative experience as we delve into the expansive realm of infinite identity.Embark on a journey of self-discovery and liberation. Shed limiting labels and embrace the boundless potential of the self. Engage in discussions, guided meditations, and practical workshops aimed at deepening your understanding and connection to the infinite.


Nestled on 13 hectares of farmland just an hour away from Copenhagen, you’ll find Ananda Gaorii Ashram – a peaceful oasis for those seeking a rejuvenating escape. Our serene retreat boasts a range of amenities, including a small orchard, vegetable garden, organic bakery, sauna, meditation hall, dining hall, and more.


At Ananda Gaorii Ashram, we offer separate dormitories for both men and women. These spacious rooms can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. Alternatively, if you prefer to be closer to nature, you’re also welcome to camp on our beautiful grounds.


Our cuisine follows a yogic vegetarian diet, based on foods that are not only beneficial for the body but also calming for the mind. Tea and light snacks are available at different times during the day. The yogic diet excludes seafood/fish, eggs, onion, garlic, and mushrooms, as these foods are believed to be disturbing to the mind during meditation.


“Beyond Boundaries: The Human Search for Ultimate Freedom”
​One of our fundamental human needs is growth and expansion. According to yoga we have an inbuilt longing for absolute freedom. Absolute freedom, or “Mukti” in San’skrta, is the ultimate goal of yoga. In this retreat we will explore the concepts, lifestyle and practices that help free us from that which keeps us small and set us on the path to freedom and expansion.

⏰ Day 1: What is Freedom?

🌟 Afternoon: Arrive and Settle In

• Arrival and Registration: ​ Room allocation and an introduction to the program and facilities

• Yoga Asana Practice: Relaxing and grounding postures to help you settle in.

• Guided Meditation: ​ In this meditation you will get your first taste of how meditation can bring a feeling of simplicity, expansion and well-being. The practice includes sense withdrawal, concentration, visualisation and mantra.

🌟 Evening: Welcoming and Introduction

• Welcoming and Introduction to the Program and Theme:
We all seek freedom but what is it really? What are the obstacles and how should we deal with them? Before starting a journey it is important to know the destination and what challenges may be encountered along the way. In this session we will explore and discuss the concept of freedom in yoga philosophy

⏰Day 2: ​ Embracing the Infinite Self

🌟 Morning: ​ Releasing the Small and Embracing the Big

• Yoga Asana Practice: ​ A sequence of poses to relax the body, calm the mind and tone the muscles that help you sit comfortably in meditation. A calm mind is an expansive mind that can sense its connectedness to the whole.

• Guided Meditation: ​ Participants engage in a meditation aimed at expanding their awareness beyond conventional boundaries, tapping into a sense of limitless potential.

• Group Discussion: Stepping Out of Limiting Self-Concepts. How much do your assumptions about reality and yourself keep you limited? In this session, we will explore how innocent assumptions keep us limited and how to uncover those assumptions and replace them with more liberating ways of thinking.

• Guided Practice:
​From Finite to Infinite: Releasing the Small and Embracing the Big. If you want to put on a new jacket you have to take the old one off first. This session explores techniques of withdrawing the mind from its habitual engagements and then redirecting it towards expansive ideas. We will learn how to be more daring with exploring our limitless potential.

🌟 Afternoon: Transformative Practices

• Workshop: Different Forms, One Substance – Expanding the mind by focusing on underlying commonalities:
​This session explores how to stay mindful of that which unifies rather than that which divides and isolates. We will learn how to expand the mind through making connections.

• Guided Nature Walk/Outdoor Meditation: ​ A session in nature to deepen the connection with the infinite, using the surroundings as a source of inspiration.

• Creative Expression Session: Participants engage in artistic or journaling activities, providing a creative outlet for personal exploration and expression.

🌟 Evening Session: Deepening the Connection

• Guided Meditation: In this meditation we will explore how choosing and setting intentions can bring good results. ​ ​

• Group Sharing: Participants discuss insights gained during the day, reinforcing a sense of shared experience and understanding.

• Evening Reflection and Silent Meditation: A period of silent reflection, allowing participants to integrate the day’s learnings and experiences on a personal level.

⏰ Day 3: Creating Space

🌟 Morning: Humility and Greatness

• Yoga Asana Practice: Learning postures that cultivate flexibility, patience and humility

• Guided Meditation: Starting with the thought “I am not the doer” we will explore making space for something greater than ourselves in other words, expanding by getting our small self out of the way.

• Workshop: The infinite is all around us – sometimes it’s just a matter of letting it in. In this workshop we will explore a variety of practices that help us let go of always being in control and instead help us develop trust and confidence in a higher power.

• Lifestyle Practices for Expansion: Our bodies and minds have their characteristic vibrations or wavelengths. We can improve these vibrations and wavelengths by our food choices and by incorporating yoga practices such as Asanas and Pranayama. In this session we will explore the yoga diet and how Asanas, Pranayama and other aspects of the yoga lifestyle expand our consciousness.

• Closing Circle: Participants gather in a circle for a group discussion, expressing gratitude for the retreat and sharing their intentions moving forward.

🌟 Afternoon: Community Building

• Group Lunch and Farewell: A final communal meal where participants can share their experiences, exchange contact information, and bid farewell.



*You will receive a registration email after payment.



💆 Spa Treatments by Shivanii 💆🏽‍♀️:
• SharOasis Signature® Back Massage (60 min) – 250 DKK
• Mini Serenity® Face/Neck/Shoulder Massage (15 min) – 150 DKK
• Touch by an Angel® Aromatherapy Facial (30 min) – 275 DKK
• Touch by an Angel® Aromatherapy Facial (60 min) – 550 DKK

*Note: To schedule an appointment, please visit us in person. We look forward to treating you!


A fitted bed sheet, a duvet (comforter) cover, a pillow case, a bath towel, toiletries, comfortable warm loose-fitting clothing, indoor slippers, warm socks and warm clothes for outdoor activities. *A pillow and duvet (comforter) will be provided. A set of sheets and a towel can be provided for the cost of 50DKK.


Buy a ticket from Copenhagen Central Station to “Vig”, change in “Holbæk”. You have an option to take two buses; “560 and 566” to Ananda Gaorii. If you come by car, use your navigation to: Holbækvej 56, 4560 Vig.

*Please note: If you arrive too late in Vig to catch the bus, please call or message us 30 minutes before you are due to arrive at Vig station. We can arrange for someone to pick you up.
Happy travels!


Depending on your location and circumstances, there may be varying testing requirements. However, if you are feeling sick, please take precautions by staying home and following local health guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation.


• 100% refund if cancelled two weeks prior to the retreat.
• 80% refund if cancelled more than one week prior to the retreat.
• 50% refund if cancelled less than one week prior to the retreat.


Write to:
Call Dada at: +4571881273
Message Shivanii on Telegram: @LaShivanii


✨We look forward to welcoming you to this enriching experience!


May 31 2024 - Jun 02 2024


15:00 - 15:00


Holbækvej 56
4560 Vig


Ananda Gaorii