Spiritual Adventure Camp

We will be spending our time in the forest of Skåne, in southern Sweden, hiking in Söderåsen National Park and then canoeing on the Rönne river.
The walking tracks through the Skåne forest are like a scene from a fairy tale and the river Rönne, where we will be canoeing, wanders through fields and forests full of birds and animals who watch as you go past. There are a few gentle rapids to add some excitement and challenge.
There’s a chance of ending up in the water but it’s not deep and it’s part of the fun;)
⭐️Canoe trip
We will start canoeing from Djupadahls Molla and finish at Søderåsnes BK. The whole trip will take us about 5-5,5 hours with a pleasant stop by the river for a midday meditation and picnic lunch. There are a few gentle rapids along the way so there will be a little excitement. It’s a good day’s exercise so participants should at least have a moderate to good state of health. There is nice swimming and the water is quite mild. Bring your hat, sun cream and swim suit.
We will be camping at the rest area Søderåsens BK. There are toilets, wind shelters and fire places available. Be sure to bring your own tent, sleeping bag and warm clothes. In case of rain it is good to have a water proof jacket also.
We’ll be spending our days out in nature but keep time in the mornings and evenings for meditation, chanting and yoga exercises. After dinner we can share music and games 🎸, have late nights talking and singing by the fire, count stars or swim in the river nearby.
If you need some guidance with meditation there are always experienced teachers to help.
//We will meet at Platanvej 30 at 16.00 on Friday the 26th//
Friday: Travel (about 2 hours), set up camp, meditation, dinner, campfire.
Saturday: meditation, yoga, breakfast, canoe all day (stop on the river for picnic lunch), meditation, dinner, campfire.
Sunday: meditation, yoga, breakfast, pack up camp, hike in Søderasen national park with meditation and picnic lunch), return to Copenhagen about 18.00
⭐️Who can participate?
Anyone with an interest in meditation and/or a willingness to give it a try. You should also be healthy enough to manage the hike on Saturday and brave enough to set off in the canoes on Sunday. There is no danger but there is a small risk of capsizing and getting wet.
!!!You need Danish residence to be able to cross the Swedish border and come back to Denmark.
⭐️What to bring? (Please read carefully)
We will be camping so you will need to bring your own tent and sleeping bag/sheets, etc. Mornings and evenings can get cool so it’s good to bring a sweater and jacket. A nice pair of walking shoes (trainers will do) and some light shoes or sandals that you don’t mind getting wet for the canoe trip. Hat and sun screen are also advised and a day pack for carrying your lunch, camera, water bottle, jacket, etc. will allow you to keep your hands free. The river is also nice for swimming so bring your swim suit. Some other camping essentials include: flashlight and/or hanging lantern, insect repellant and waterproof poncho in case of rain.
⭐️What not to bring?
Natural highs are the best! Please do not bring tobacco, alcohol or drugs nor any non-vegetarian food items.
We’ll be cooking for ourselves. The diet is vegetarian but vegan and gluten free diets can also be accommodated. All meals are included in the cost.
Attention!!! If you bring 2 friends you can come for free!!!
🌌 800 Danish Krone – students and unemployed
1000 Danish Krone – normal price
🌌Costs include: Program, canoe hire, ferry, car, petrol, accomodation and food.
⭐️Getting there 🚙
If you need a ride:
You can meet us at our Yoga Center in Copenhagen at 16.00 on Friday. The address is Platanvej 30 Frederiksberg.
If you are driving yourself:
The name of the place is “Søderåsens BK” and the address is LILLA KLOSTER 409, 264 51 Ljungbyhed. We should be arriving there between 18.00 and 19.00 on Friday. Note: To get to the camping area drive down the little access road past the big field and the buildings until you come to a small gate. The camping area is downhill on the right just by the river. It is very pretty. Here is a link for the map: ttps://goo.gl/maps/M9rGcAAML1mqUHDv5.
If you’re coming from elsewhere by bus or train:
We can arrange to pick you up at the bus stop in Ljungbyhed or the train station in Klippan (best is the bus station in Ljungbyhed).
⭐️Copenhagen Depart/Return:
* Gather at Ananda Marga Centre, Platanvej 30, Frederiksberg at 16.00 Friday, June 26
* Return approx 18.00, Sunday, June 28
* If you have a car and can take passengers, please let us know.

For more information:

45 71881273,

or email to

or message Dada Krsnasevananda on Facebook.


You can also find a detailed Program/Timetable, list of what to bring and list of duties we need help with here:


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May 26 - 29 2023


08:00 - 18:00


Holbækvej 56
4560 Vig


Ananda Gaorii