🍂September Equinox in Ananda Gaorii🍂

September Equinox introduced the start of autumn to us. We took this special event as an opportunity to celebrate our fruitful work in the vegetable garden by gathering around the fireplace, singing together and cooking some of our harvested goodies on the fire.

It really creates a special connection to light a fire, to keep it going and to add to it, bit by bit, poking here and there, maybe blowing into the firepit to make the smoldering coals catch fire again. It symbolizes the meaning of the transition from spring and summer towards autumn and winter.

Now the time has come to reflect, to go inwards, to enjoy the fruits of all of our hard work and take time for the feedback to unfold: what did we try that worked for us and what do we want to let go of?

We sat in silence for a while, remembering and thanking all the beautiful moments of the last half a year, after which we set intentions for the coming seasons and wrote down any obstacles we could think of preventing us from following through those intentions. Notes we deliberately offered to the fire. And so our obstacles symbolically turned into food for the fire to burn with more passion, more glow and spread more light.

May also you burn away anything that prevents you from shining your light. Happy September Equinox everyone!

written by @Yasmine Dobbelaere