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Our new peoject!

Renovation of the PROUT Hall

As you might know, there’s always a space for changes and development at Ananda Gaorii. Right now we are starting the renovation of one of our main areas – Prout Hall. It’s a place where many of our big events are taking place. At he moment it feels like a cold and dark place to be and we wish to refresh it with warmth of new colors and lights.✨

And the good news are is that you can help us to foster the process supporting us with donation. This is where the community spirit is taking place and makes the goal reachable.⚡️

Thank you for considering supporting us! Your generosity makes a real difference in our mission to create a meeting spot for people that want to grow and make the planet a better place.

We offer several ways for you to contribute to our cause. You can make a one-time donation, set up a recurring donation, or become a sponsor. Your donation helps us to support financially the monks and volunteers that work daily for the development of our project as well as to improve the infrastructures and garden, providing better accommodation to visitors and organic healthy food for the community and locals, and every contribution is greatly appreciated.

If you’re unable to make a monetary donation at this time, there are other ways to support us. You can volunteer your time and skills, share our message on social media, or attend our events. Your support in any form helps us achieve our goals and create positive change in our community.

Thank you again for considering supporting us. This Master Unit is your project too. Together, we can make a difference.

Your economical support is very important. You may donate your contribution following the button bellow:

thank you!