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Volunteering at Ananda Gaorii is an exceptional opportunity to learn and meet people from all over the world. Our non-formal education process includes knowledge sharing and practical learning.

We are living together with 3 monks, dadas, that are teaching us spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, philosophy, healthy yogic lifestyle and living peacefully together at a community. We practice meditation, kiirtan and yoga asanas. The monks also can give personal guidance at one’s spiritual growth.

At our community we have people with various cultural backgrounds and skills, that can teach and share their experience on topics such as organic gardening, permaculture, household maintenance, construction, vegetarian and vegan cooking, food preservation, interior design and decoration,  playing guitar, piano, drums, singing, painting, fund raising, sociocracy, social change, team building games, communication and more, since we have new people constantly coming to our community with new skills and knowledge.

Curious to find out more? Get to know us? See our projects, people and place?
Come join us for a couple of days or weeks and enjoy the community, the values, the learnings, the silence, our beautiful gardens and the spiritual path that we share and honor.


The price covers accomodation, a prepared vegetarian lunch (other meals are prepared individually), free access to drinks, snacks and fruits, program on spiritual development (regular meditations, yoga, philosophy classes), workshops, community activities.

Ananda Gaorii and our community is a space without any alcohol and drugs as well as respects the Sattvik diet: it is vegetarian without eggs, mushrooms, garlic and onion. Smoking  is allowed only outside of our properties. We don’t normally allow dog visitors, please ask beforehand if you intend to bring any animal, where extra fees are applied.

Please Note: We don’t accept volunteers without prior registration and confirmation from our side.

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Farming, gardening, permaculture, agroforestry

Cooking vegetarian and sattvik food for community & events.

Design, social media, brand development and networking

Management,  organisation & development.

Construction and maintenance:
Building, rebuilding, repairing, fixing, maintaining, improving, optimising.

House caring:
Decoration, re-arranging, plants and animals carer, creating a cozy space.


Hello dear Friend!

In this video we want to give you a little tour of our community house and introduce you to the basic rules.

Daily life of a volunteer - Testimonials