For REGISTRATION as a volunteer, prices and conditions, please, find the information below!

Volunteering at Ananda Gaorii is an exceptional opportunity to learn and meet people from all over the world. Our non-formal education process includes knowledge sharing and practical learning.

We are living together with 3 monks, dadas, that are teaching us spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, philosophy, healthy yogic lifestyle and living peacefully together at a community. We practice meditation, kiirtan spiritual singing and dancing and yoga asanas two times a day everyday and everyone is welcome to join. The monks also can give personal guidance at one’s spiritual growth.

At our community we have people with various cultural backgrounds and skills, that can teach and share their experience on topics such as organic gardening, permaculture, household maintenance, construction, vegetarian and vegan cooking, food preservation, graphic design, interior design and decoration,  playing guitar, piano, drums, singing, painting, fund raising, sociocracy, social change, team building games, communication and more, since we have new people constantly coming to our community with new skills and knowledge.

Being a volunteer in our community is a great opportunity to learn sharing and living together with others. Volunteers usually sleep together in dorm rooms, bunk beds or on mattresses on the floor. Some of us are monks and nuns and we follow an ashram lifestyle. There are separate rooms and dorms for men and women and we appreciate if the volunteers use modest clothing. We have sleeping bags, mats and tents, so there is a possibility to sleep outside if the weather is nice.

The volunteers are provided 3 healthy vegetarian meals daily, with the opportunities to learn dry fasting and juicing once a while. Use of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and consumption of non-vegetarian food is not permitted on the property.

Daily routine of a volunteer usually consists of morning yoga, meditation, breakfast, morning gathering, work in the garden, maintenance, construction, cooking, etc. until lunch, after lunch one can continue with their projects up until philosophy or yoga class and evening meditation. After the meditation we have spiritual reading and sharing, dinner together and cultural evenings together, where we share our knowledge, skills and stories.

If you would like to get an experience of organic farming, a daily routine of yoga and meditation and living in community you are welcome to visit Ananda Gaorii as a volunteer. We have 2 volunteering options: You can volunteer with us during a short-term stay on a self-paid basis or you can come for a long-term stay which is funded by the European Solidarity Corps.

 Short-Term Stay – Paying volunteer

To cover food, accommodation and utilities volunteers are asked to contribute financially.

The price covers a prepared vegetarian
lunch (other meals are prepared individually), free access to drinks,
snacks and fruits, program on spiritual development (regular
meditations, yoga, philosophy classes), workshops, community activities.

1 Day – 200 DKK (~27€)

1 Day – 150 DKK (~20€) (for those who stay more than three weeks.)

Visit during the weekend – 300 DKK (~40€) (there is no work on the weekends.)

❗️Please Note❗️ We don’t accept volunteers without prior registration
and confirmation from our side. You can contact us on
for more information.


Long-Term Stay – ESC volunteer

With the support from EU programme ERASMUS+ focusing on Youth Mobility and learning, we are able to host up to 15 ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteers every year. The service gives an opportunity to volunteer at our community for 10 months with food, accommodation and pocket money provided. Apart from learning yoga, meditation, gardening, construction and various other skills at our community, ESC volunteers also have an access to the online language learning platform.

To apply for becoming an ESC volunteer, send us an email to with your CV and Cover letter with a presentation about yourself and why would you like to be a volunteer here.

Note: To become an ESC volunteer you need to have an ESC accredited sending organisation, that is active and ready to become our partner in the project.