StudACt E+ Training Course in the beautiful mountains of Portugal

The Training Course was “STUDY-ACTION CIRCLES: METHODOLOGIES TO STIMULATEACTIVE CITIZENSHIP AMONG YOUTH” and it was organised by PRIP – Instituto de Investigação de Prout em Portugal.

In this free course participants learned about:

  • How to design and facilitate a SAC.
  • The methodology Study, Think, Act and Respond Together (START).
  • The basis of the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT).

Here is some feedback from our participants:

  • “The way the facilitators threw in various activities to help us bond and form a community was excellent.”
  • The icebreakers & energisers – these were new to me and I really saw the value in them.”
  • The combination of Ikigai, story farm and SAC is a powerful way to help youth decide what they want to discuss in the SAC (if not following the book exactly). Seeing how different groups interpreted the task of telling their story was very inspiring and so story farm is a great activity to replicate.”
  • Including the small bit of theory about teaching methodologies was good for helping us to understand the reason why SACs are facilitated in a certain way (encouraging people to learn from each other rather than from a teacher etc).”
  • “Studyact circles training has been a truly rewarding & nurturing experience. From the programs step by step deepening into the topics, the dynamics between the group and its relationship with the host place, to the personal bonding and exchange between all participants, the potential in these cocreative formats of non-formal learning experiences is huge, offering deep transformations in perception, opening possibilities and opportunities for empowered action and an enhanced optimism about the future. The feeling of responsibility with care for each other and nature, inspires to bring that wherever we go.
    I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate and meet all the wonderful people I learned so much from.”
  • “I had the privilege of attending the “Study Action Circles” training course at Ananda Kalyani in Portugal, and it was truly transformative. Divided into two enlightening sections, “Story Farm” and “Tools to Change the World,” the experience delved deep into personal narratives while also equipping us with practical methodologies to tackle societal challenges.

    “Story Farm” provided a nurturing environment where individual stories converged to form powerful group presentations. Through this process, we not only shared our experiences but also gleaned invaluable insights from one another, fostering profound connections and mutual learning.

    In “Tools to Change the World,” we were introduced to a methodology designed to facilitate discussions on pressing social issues, supplemented by elements from PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory). This segment prompted us to reflect on our roles in effecting positive change in today’s world, offering invaluable strategies for meaningful action.

    Beyond the enriching curriculum, the course offered a holistic experience. Engaging games fostered camaraderie within the group, while the delectable food nourished both body and soul. Introduction to meditation, kirtan, and morning yoga classes provided moments of introspection and rejuvenation amidst the serene backdrop of Ananda Kalyani’s community and its breathtaking natural surroundings. The hiking trip into the nearby mountains added an adventurous element, further enhancing the overall experience.

    In essence, the “Study Action Circles” course at Ananda Kalyani was not just a learning journey but a soul-stirring exploration of self, society, and the interconnectedness of both. I am immensely grateful for the profound insights gained and the lasting bonds forged during this transformative experience.”

Video from the Training Course