“Regenerative Culture” Amazing Training Course in Poland


As a partner organization, our engagement in the late-summer training for youth workers under the Erasmus+ program at Osada.Earth was a significant chapter in our collaborative journey. Embracing the theme “Jak być człowiekiem w czasach Wszechkryzysu?” (“How to be human in times of Crisis?”), this initiative marked our inaugural involvement in such a program, leaving a lasting impact on our understanding of hospitality, cooperation, and regenerative practices.

A heartfelt appreciation extends to Emilia Ślimko and Maciej Antkowiak from Osada.Earth, who skillfully served as trainers and facilitators, guiding the collaborative learning process and fostering the development of regenerative agents’ skills and tools.

Our sincere gratitude goes to all participants for their unwavering commitment, trust, and shared exploration during the enriching 10-day experience. Being part of this collective endeavor was truly a pleasure, and we look forward to future collaborations.

🔸 Insights into the Training: The training catered to adult (21+) eco-aware youth workers seeking to deepen their understanding of regenerative approaches and contribute to local youth initiatives across countries.

🔸 Context of the Project: The project responded to the increasing awareness among young people about the negative impact of climate change, leading to emotional and mental challenges such as hopelessness, eco-anxiety, despair, and burnout. Instead of criticism, the initiative embraced a regenerative approach, focusing on building a supportive network, activating change, and reconnecting with the broader ecosystem to enhance agency and resilience.

🔸 Project Objectives:

  • Deepen knowledge of the environmental-social crisis through a regenerative lens
  • Enhance skills in working with groups
  • Cultivate a shared responsibility for the surrounding reality
  • Actively engage in youth work in connection with the environmental and social crisis
  • Contribute to an emerging network dedicated to regenerative approaches

Participant Testimonial: “I’m here to release all my tears, to come to peace with all my fears, to discover how it feels to be alive.”

The transformative experience in the quaint village of Prosinko, at Osada.Earth, showcased a unique meeting of minds from across Europe. The journey to discover the meaning of regenerative culture and revitalizing our ‘nests’ unfolded through theory discussions, lectures by Emilia and Maciej, and personal exploration of emotions and relationships.

We were privileged to co-create the space with contributions ranging from songs and thoughts to stories, dances, and spiritual practices