Visit from the amazing students of Avnø Oasis Ecovillage!

We have recently been visited by some students from the Avnø Oasis Ecovillage (

In a world often characterized by fast-paced living and digital interactions, the importance of communities coming together and visiting each other remains unparalleled. These gatherings foster a sense of belonging, strengthen bonds, and build invaluable support networks.

When communities converge, we create opportunities for cultural exchange, sharing traditions, and celebrating diversity. It is a chance for us to learn from one another, gaining insights into different ways of life, perspectives, and values. Through these interactions, mutual understanding flourishes, breaking down barriers and cultivating empathy.

Moreover, when communities connect with each other, it reinforces the fabric of society by promoting collaboration and cooperation. Whether through organized events or casual get-togethers, we can share skills, and address common challenges more effectively. This collective effort cultivates a spirit of unity and resilience.

Here is some feedback from the Avnø Ecovillage students, about the visit to Ananda Gaorii:

The most valuable and surprising thing is PEOPLE! Everyone was incredibly nice, kind and welcoming. When I heard about yama and niyama and realized Ananda Gaori’s warm atmosphere, it made sense to me since I still don’t have kind of articulated behavioral guidelines. The stay was important for my life. Thank you for the wonderful days!”

It was nice of people! I also enjoyed foods and playing with cats…♡
I have gotten an inspiration by singing “Baba nam kevalam” twice a day. I end up forgetting to feel love unintentionally even thought I have been told love is important. However when I was singing and thinking about the meaning “baba nam kevalam”, it reminds me naturally. Thank you for the amazing stay and lovely beetroots give away!!”


It was great having you with us!